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Slītere National Park

The village of Košrags is situated within the territory of Slītere National Park, thus providing excellent opportunities for hiking or biking the nature trails, as well as bird- and wild animal-watching in their natural habitats accompanied by experienced nature guides.

In 2010 the professional rural tourism association Lauku ceļotājs `Countryside Traveller’ in cooperation with Slītere National Park developed and started promoting 9 nature and tourist friendly routes within the territory of the national park.

The project was financed by the support of the European Commission programme Life.

Get acquainted with these routes and, of course, hike, bike or drive them in the real life!


The village of Košrags

The village of Koshrags is a traditional Liiv fishermen village developed at the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century. The village is a monument of cultural heritage of national significance.

The seaside of Košrags

The seaside of Koshrags is a wonderful place for lonely walks in any season. You may also bask in the sun and swim in summer.


In the nearby Mazirbe (5 km from Košrags) visit the church of Mazirbe, the national house of Liivs, the Liivs’ ethnographic collection „Rāndali”, boat cemetery.

On a sunny day it is easy to reach Mazirbe on foot along the road through the wood or along the sea. Or you can bike there through the wood or along the paved road as well.


First mentions of Kolka are already from XIV century. The nearby Cape Kolka – the most popular tourist attraction in all the Nothern Kurzeme – is the place where the Gulf of Rīga meets the open sea. This is the place where the sun both rises and sets above the sea in summer. Kolka lies 20km north of Košrags.

Horn collection in Vaide

Wild animal horn collection in Vaide: an extensive wild animal horn collection in Vaide, a little less than 10km north of Košrags towards Kolka.

Bowmore Duck

The Bowmore Duck in Saunags (7 km North of Košrags) by the artist Anna Heinrihsone is a fun both for adults and children.

Slītere Lighthouse

Slītere Lighthouse may be visited as a viewing tower providing a spectacular view over the sea and the nearby regions. There is an exibit on Latvian lighthouses, and the Slītere nature trail is nearby as well. The lighthouse is about 15km from Koshrags towards Dundaga.


In Dundaga visit Dundaga Castle and Kubalu school – museum. It is also a good bet to come to have lunch or dinner in Dundaga as it offers the best choice of restaurants and cafes in the region. Dundaga lies about 30km south from Koshrags towards Talsi.

Laumas Nature Park

Laumas Nature Park is a nice whole day rest for all the family: you may walk and get wiser along Bee Path, Plant Path, Forest Path, Birds Path, check your physical skills on Sports Path, win your friends in a minigolf game or jump above your head on the trampoline. The park is situated in the Īve parish of Talsu region (about 50km from Košrags through Dundaga towards Talsi).